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We have added a great multifunctional tower Omnia!

Žilina and Petržalka studios are growing these days. In both of them, we added one of the most advanced device, multifunctional tower Omnia, which will give space for a versatile functional training. New devices come from our certified global manufacturer Technogym.

Tower Omnia is a great interaction fot innovative training. Due to the diversity of individual elements allows a single device to support building strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, speed and agility. Omnia was designed by world-class experts in collaboration with Technogym developers.

“The towers has a very nice design and is designed for the needs of beginners as well as experienced users. Trainer can easily monitor the entire group of 8 training people, see each other and motivate them, “describes the benefits of the new facility manager FIT UP! Mario Godor.

Each instructor has a reserved space where he trains members in cycle. They are moving from stand to stand and they create versatile exercise program. Omnia offers a very large range of customizable features, including bars, pull-up bars, straps and other elements.

“We believe that the Omnia tower, we have obtained as the first in Slovakia, support the training efforts of the FIT UP! members, “outlined Mario.

There is also another news for studio in Petrzalka, where will be added equipment called Easy Line collection designed for modern type of round training – Circuit Workout. Machines in the line of Easy Line are also placed in a circle, thus have similar benefits to the Omnia tower. There is suitable half-hour intensive training for people who are trying to reduce weight, but got tired of their traditional gyms.