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We are launching the FIT UP! challenge again

You didn´t care in summer? It´s time to find some time for yourself and start working on your health. We are bringing you an offer which you won´t turn down. If you are not familiar with words like benchpress, kettlebell or squat, it´s you who we are looking for. You may learn everything during the Challenge and, what´s more, you will learn to work with your body, and you will get to know your alter ego in critical situations when the only thing you will long for is to give it up. As a reward, you will have a body you have dreamt of and a year-long membership in FIT UP!

When does it start?

We are launching the selection of competitors today, on 1 August 2016, finishing on 20 September 2016. For every studio we will choose a group composed of three competitors who will be trained by one trainer three times per week. Every workout will take 1.5 hours and it will be fully prepared by the particular trainer.

The FIT UP! Challenge starts on 3 October 2016 (Wednesday). It is going to take place in all studios in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic simultaneously – from 3 October 2016 to 3 January 2017, from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the dates and times may be modified after mutual agreement between the competitors and their trainers).

If you already know that you will not be able to participate in most trainings, don´t register in the Challenge, please, since you could be taking the place of someone who wishes to train hard under the supervision of a trainer and means it really seriously. We are looking for people who have the power to change themselves and the determination to fight.

How can I register?

The form has not changed – you just need to be our member. People who are not members may participate in the FIT UP! Challenge as well, but they must become FIT UP! members in any studio by the beginning of the Challenge. 

Conditions for participation in the challenge

Send us an e-mail to by 20 September 2016 with a brief description of the goal which you would like to achieve and why it is you whom we should choose (if you have the courage you may send a video). Add a note saying “súhlasím so zverejnením osobných údajov na webe a sociálnych sieťach” (“I agree with disclosure of my personal data on the web and on social networks”) to the text (disclosure of your name, surname, measurement results and photos on our web page and on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram). Attach a current photo of your whole body with the date you took it written on a piece of paper (if you have photos of the “before and after” type, feel free to send them as well), name the particular FIT UP! fitness centre where you wish to train and wait for the result! We will announce the results by e-mail some time from 20 September 2016 to 30 September 2016. We also have one special requirement – register only if you really have time to train in the above-mentioned months. The point is that somebody else would love to participate in any workout you miss, but the person was not given the opportunity because of you.  The first training takes place on Monday 3 October 2016 at 10 a.m. The date and the time is fixed and it will be a first introductory training where competitors will meet their trainer. Do not hesitate and register for our FIT UP! Challenge! IT IS UP TO YOU! Check the results of our Spring FIT UP! challenge winners from Slovakia and Czech Republic.     cčm ružinov petržalka Ivan Krajčír