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Petr Hasoň

Petr has been involved in sport since childhood. He has been active in hockey, soccer or cycle ball, where he won 2nd place at the junior European championship and 1st place at the junior championship in Czech Republic. At the age of 19, he moved to fitness. He worked as a conditional trainer for several sport clubs. Petr is a qualified trainer interested in latest fitness trends so he can offer his clients the most effective training possible. Peter completed the training for Blackroll, exercising with children, stretching and mobility training, breathing performance limitations … Peter emphasizes the right technique of training, each training is tailored to the needs and possibilities of the client so that the exercise is healthy, fun and produces the expected results. Peter offers personal or group trainings, trainings with your own weight, conditional or power training. He can also make a training and food plan according to your needs.
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