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Patrícia Čižmárová

Specialization: – FOOT , SCOLIOSIS – HYPERCYPHOSIS, HYPERLORDOSIS – NUTRIOTION AND MEALPLAN – CALORY SETTING – DIAGNOSIS OF BODY APARATUS – HOME EXERCISES – BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES – IMPROVEMENT OF EXERCISE BIOMECHANICS – cORRECT BREATHING – HSS – DEEP STABILIZATION SYSTEM – FATBURNING AND FAT REDUCTION – BODYFORMING – MUSCLEGAINING – INDIVIDUAL APPROACH IMPROVEMENT OF MOVEMENT STEREOTYPES – HOW TO START WORKING OUT IN GYM. HOW DO I APPROACH CLIENTS: I do know that education is important, so I began to study at Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Bratislava, sport for health. That is my main purpose. I am not taking my profession as trainer as regular job. It is my dream come true, it is priceless to do what fullfills you and to help peaople that are focused in better health. I am giving everything into each training session. I am approaching every client individually according to their needs and goals, this is reason why first session is about diagnostics, in order to prepare plan just for you. I will help you to fullfill your goul with focus on your health. We can than watch your progress on special Tanita, where we can see percentage of fat, muscle mass and amount of water present in your body. I believe that we can make together. I am looking forward to our mutual training.
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