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Ľubica Maruniaková

Fitness is my passion and my lifestyle. I’m actively training for more than 20 years. I’m a certified fitness trainer, specializing in women training and forming beautiful, lean body. During the training, I have a highly individual approach. I will prepare an exercise especially for you and your needs, concentrating on certain body parts to get a beautiful symmetrical figure. I know that the quick results come with a strong motivation. That’s why I will be your driving force during exercise and training will be not only effective but also lots of fun. During the training, I will pay the utmost attention to you and control the correctness of the exercises. I will assist you with choosing the most suitable and effective nutritional supplements so you reach your desired goals in the shortest time possible. I believe that together, we can achieve great results and you will become one of my many satisfied customers. I’m looking forward our first training.
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