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Iveta Hauserová

She comes from Banská Štiavnica and she is a fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting trainer, level 2. She has been exercising since she was 18 and she has been working as a personal trainer for 16 years. In addition to all types of trainings, Iveta can prepare you for competitions and develop the mobility of your joints, but you can train with her also for fun and to relieve stress. She will help you shape your body, get rid of fat and boost your fitness level. Iveta has been a very successful sportswoman and she has won a number of times in the natural bodybuilding category. She is both the world and the European champion. She came second in Natural Olympia in Nevada. In 2014 she won 1st place in MMSR Physique, 1st place in mixed couples, 1st place in MMCR Physique in Brno, 2nd place in mixed couples and she also won second place in the World Championship 2014 held in Nitra in the Physique discipline, and she was a world champion in mixed couples.
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