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SPECIALIZATION: – DIAGNOSIS OF BIOMECHANICAL APARATUS – fATBURNING AND FAT MASS REDUCTION – BODYFORMING – MUSCLE GAINING – DIAPHRARM BREATHING – SCOLIOSIS – HYPERCYPHOSIS AND HYPERLORDOSIS – FOOT – ACTIVVATION OF THE ARCH – TRX – NUTRITION AND MEAL PLAN BUILDING – SETTING OF CALORIES, MACRONUTRIENTS AND MICRONUTRIENTS – EXERCISING AT HOME, MUSCLE RELAXATION AND BODYFORMING – HSS – DEEP STABILIZATION SYSTEM – IMPROVEMENT OF MOVEMENT STEREOTYPES – TRAINING FOR INDIVUDUALS WITHOUT PRIOR EXPERIENCE “HOW TO START WORKING OUT AT GYM”   HOW DO I APPROACH CLIENTS: I am studingy and faculty of psysical education and sport, where i specialize in sport for health and in that spirit I am leading each of my client session. I know that every client is special and that is the reason why our collaboration begins with diagnostics. Based on the result of diagnostics I create training plan. During the training I keep my focus on clients breathing, mechanical correction and individual needs of each client. Our mutual trainings will bring you more efficient results with the help of special measuring device called TANITA, where we easily can get the data about your body composition, fat storages, water percentage, or muscle mass. This data help us to approximate your basal metabolism and decide best strategy for meal plan creation.
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