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David has been doing sport since his childhood. He used to play top-level football, also in a youth football league in Sokolov from where he went to play in Germany. Unfortunately, he had to stop playing actively following an injury. He first came to a fitness centre when he was 15 and it immediately became his passion. Nowadays, he studies sports and fitness specialist field at the University of Physical Education and Sport. David is a qualified instructor of  fitness , personal trainer and fitness coach of strengthening and bodybuilding. He has an individual approach to each client and he tries to meet all their requirements. He will be happy to share his know-how about training, diet, recovery and a healthy lifestyle in general. He can offer you both personal and group trainings, bodyweight trainings, fitness and strength preparation, training plan preparation or tailor-made diet plan preparation. He will help you shape your body, gain muscle mass or reduce fat. He believes that the trainings will be fun and that they will motivate you to reach your goals. David is here to help you feel as good as possible in your body. His motto: “Everything starts in your head. First you must believe that you can do it, but then you must do something to achieve it.”