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Adam Ábel

Adam has a licence as a fitness trainer of 1st grade. Since childhood, he is very passionate about sport and spent 12 years playing football. He started to top up the dynamics of this contact sport with more demanding power training in a gym. This paid well for him and Adam made it all the way to the limelight of the stage at body building contests. As a complete beginners, he made his way to the finals and top 4 at Slovak championship in natural body building and fitness 2016 in Kolárovo in Men’s Physique category. The championship and his good score at it got him all the way to a Worldwide championship in Budapest, where he’s got a fantastic silver medal! At the moment, he is completing his body building training, fitness and a power lifting at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. He attended a series of certified courses in nutrition (Intermittent Fasting..). Adam makes sure that your exercise routine is complex, from muscle building, body firming and losing weight from the most stubborn body parts to fat burning and meal plans. He is looking forward to all who are ready for a change, fun, and a real training from this young man.
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