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Spring detox

I believe that we all recognize this scenario – spring rays are finally here luring us into the nature, but instead of being happy because of longer days, we are tired to death. Spring fever certainly attacks each and every one of us at least once in our lifetime . It is caused by a weakened immune system, which had to face a variety of diseases, little sunshine and outdoor activities, low consumption of fresh vitamins during the entire winter. Spring fever is the  natural reaction of our body to all these shortcomings. Therefore we should provide our body with proper care and nourishment during the early spring. And how can we do that? We should include in our diet sufficient amount of vegetables, especially green haulm and “wild” vegetables (nettle, corn salad, plantain, dandelion, daisies), we should lighten our diet in general (reduce consumption of fat and meat), choose foods containing vitamin C and zinc, and most importantly – run towards the sun. It is recommended to cleanse one´s body via different cures, including fruit or vegetable feasts, sauna to flush out all the toxins from our body and eating green food, especially the freshwater alga Chlorella, which ensures the proper functioning of the immune system, supports the thyroid gland and total body detoxification. daisy-596765_1280 We can give relieve to our body even through use of the first spring herbs , which will help to strengthen our immunity, improve our blood and lymphatic circulation. Thanks to all of that the harmful and unwanted substances will be washed out from our bodies. Here belongs for example Daisy, Stinging Nettle and Dandelion. All of these herbs can be used to prepare a delicious tea or they can be added into salads, stuffing, such as spinach basis, or they can decorate dishes that we usually consume. They will cleanse the liver, which suffers the most after the winter thanks to the consumption of fatty and heavy foods. Another spring miracle is undoubtedly Bear garlic, also known as “wild”, “forest”, “gypsy” garlic or witch onion. It belongs among the oldest and most effective herbal remedies, its related species were already used in ancient China, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Wild garlic grows usually in dark-shady woods, groves, humid bushes. The first collection of leaves should be around 19th March and for the best effects it should be collected before 2 pm. This herb can be collected until May, then begins to bloom into little tiny florets and can remind lily. Garlic is used not only as a natural antibiotic, but is also an excellent way to lower blood pressure, for better blood circulation, purifies the body and blood.  It is very well suited for treatments of the rashes, eczema, impure skin, it can be used also in case of digestive problems, dizziness, insomnia, respiratory difficulties caused by long-term phlegm bronchitis. It cleanses the kidneys, urinary tract and its fresh juice is used to help poorly healing wounds.  It provides our winter weakened organism with the first vitamins and other health-improving substances. This “remedy” can be consumed not only fresh but also in the form of a tincture. The drying makes it lose its healing power. And why is it called “bear” garlic? Tradition has it, that the bears after waking up from their long winter sleep, seek this herb as one of the first foods because of its rich contain of vitamins. According to other sources, the name “bear” was invented by the ancient Germans, because they believed that it will give them a “bear-like strength”. bears-garlic-349916_1280 And which internal organs should be included into spring cleanup? Liver, gallbladder and spleen can be cleaned not only by using the above mentioned herbs, but we can also help them with the green foods. As we all know, the liver is our “cleaner”, the main detoxifying organ that handles all the chemicals from the diet, heavy metals, residues of drugs and other harmful substances. If the liver is overloaded (We don´t even have to know about it. The liver can function well with only 20-30% without experiencing any health problems.), the toxic substances get into the bloodstream and thus adversely affect all organs and tissues. How can Chlorella help us? Simple – it supports cleaning due to high content of DNA and RNA restores liver cells. The positive effects of Chlorella in the case of cirrhosis and liver tumours are scientifically proven. Thanks to the high content of chlorophyll in chlorella, the green foods have very strong detoxifying effects, and in addition a number of beneficial effects for our body, which can harmonize intestinal activity and thereby significantly affect the whole body regeneration. They say that the stomach and intestine are primarily epicentre of our emotions and can be considered as our second brain. There is hidden the entire immunity of our body. CHLORELLA helps the intestine to get rid of all the inflammation, which we maybe didn´t even notice. The green barley nourishes intestinal mucosa. I recommend chlorophyll / green foods not only as the basis of every cleansing, but because of their effectiveness and wide use, also for regular use. I think that at least once a year we should treat our bodies with maximal care, in order to thank them for all the work they do for us and provide them with a nice dose of good nutrition. And the spring is absolutely the ideal time to do this. So who is in a mood for some green goodies? 🙂 If you would like to know more about chlorella and barley do not hesitate to contact me! 🙂 Mgr. Alena Vídeňská Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and green foods specialist