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Showers at FIT UP! are free!

A coin at the hand is definitely the past, a shower after a workout is now for free in both our branches of FIT UP! – at Petrzalka and at the SNP Square .

Free showering applies to all visitors, of course, it is included in the price of membership and VIP membership. You can get such an advantage only at FIT UP!

The newly opened place in Old Town is introducing this kind of benefit since its opening, his older brother in Petrzalka has joined him too.

The original fee of 50 cents did not seek to take the extra money from you, it was supposed to contribute to the efficient use of showers and saving the environment.

„Now, we will move this responsibility to members of FIT UP!,” says manager of FIT UP! Mario Godor. According to him, the cancellation of this fee was a response to the feedback from customers.

„Certainly, we are listening to all the opinions of people which come to us. We are getting many reactions in person and on Facebook that are overwhelmingly positive, what makes us very happy. We want to continue to improve our services, “said Mario.

FIT UP! is here for you, become our member under the most favorable conditions in Bratislava, or come and try us, your first visit is completely free!