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Our studio in Ostrava is open! It offers all it’s members 2 summer months absolutely free!

We are growing again. This time, we opened a new FIT UP! studio in Ostrava. ? On Wednesday 28th of June, we opened a completely new studio in shopping center Avion. The studio is situated on a 1st floor, directly opposite a blood donor station. ostava Spreading over 1 200 meters square, we offer you a top quality fitness machines from Technogym, vertical turbo solariums Ergoline and Grapivit bar, where you can find a special drinks enriched with vitamins and L-carnitine. The studio is zone divided according to your training and you has a ladies area dedicated specifically to women. There is also a CROSS UP! zone with a qualified trainer offering a free training for VIP members, every day between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. ostava 023 Now, you can try us for free! Everything you have to do is to come with a sports footwear and appropriate clothing. Don’t forget a water bottle, towel and a lock. Or you can get one for 5 euros at the reception. It’s 8 euros for towel, also at our reception. ? DSC_0623 Big THANK YOU goes to all who were with us and patiently waited for our opening. It’s thanks to you that we are here and as a small present for your loyalty, we give you 2 summer months ABSOLUTELY FREE! If you become our member, July and August are on us. Register now for your free summer! The sooner you will come, the sooner you can enjoy your free gym time. It’s up to you ?☀?” For an opening day, we had for you fresh fruit bowls from Fruitisimo, free samples from our Grapivit bar and a lady from Nu Trend mixed for you top quality drinks from thig great brand (which you can get at our studio). Nu Trend products help you to achieve your goals and regenerate your body after the training. DSC_0621 To top up our great offer, everyone who became our member during the opening day could win a special present like 1 hour with our trainer, 10 minutes in solarium, Grapivit bar for a day, Nu Trend products or upgrade to VIP membership for 1 month. Hopefully we put some HAPPINESS into your life. We LOVE to have you. ❤ See you at FIT UP!