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My body = My temple

Many people suffer in today’s hectic world under variety of diseases caused mainly by poor and irregular diet, sedentary lifestyle and stress. I can notice this development even among people from my own generation- people in their thirties. Due to their unhealthy lifestyle, they have many health problems, ranging from back pain and headache, ending with obesity, musculoskeletal operations and unfortunately many serious diseases such as cancer. Genetics plays an important role here, but the most important is your approach towards your life and the way you take care of your body. Your body is your temple, where you live, and you have to treat it accordingly. It hast to serve you for many years, and you should feel good in it until great age. I know many people who don´t care about their health and thanks to that, they look and feel “old”. They have back pain, joint pain and sometimes even gastric ulcers. They want to solve their problems only by eating pills prescribed by their doctor or by internet. I believe that doctors should be more interested in prevention and not to deal with these problems only by prescribing “drugs”. Unfortunately, we live in times of „heavy business“, which has also affected the field of health care. But I still believe that the number of people, who are not indifferent towards their body and understand, what the basic steps to a healthy and satisfying life are, will rise. I hope that more and more people will try to compensate those many hours, they spend sitting in the office, by physical activity and will think more about what and when to consume. And how do you want to feel now or in few years? Mgr. Alena Vídeňská Fitness trainer, Nutritionist and green food specialist