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„Cheering“during Urban Challenge a.k.a FIT UP! takes part in every big challenge!

5 km long track, 25 obstacles and weather as the 26th „always present“ obstacle- this is a very brief definition of Prague Urban Challenge 2017. Because FIT UP! should not miss out on any interesting challenges, we decided to help the organizers a bit as well. Our excellent trainers Alenka and Tom first prepared the participants before the run with their warm-up routine and then the contestants could stop by our special warm up zone where they could find all kinds of sport equipment such as dumbbells, jumping rope, bosu, weights etc. IMG_20170422_081457 If you completed one of our tasks, you got free entry to our studio. 9 of us- FIT UP! people-had another special task – each of us stood at one of the 9 most difficult obstacles and oversaw not just the rules, but also the security and was trying to “keeping the morale high”:) And what was the overall feeling? We had a meeting at 7:00. I cannot say that, I was getting up at 5: 3O am full of energy and that i was putting on my thermo-underwear with enthusiasm (it was only 4 degrees outside), but honestly, getting up was not as bad as I expected, fortunately adrenaline and expectations won over my laziness. The entire organization of the event required a lot of volunteers and thus a little bit of chaos occurred in the beginning but at about 8:30, we got the rest of the necessary instructions and went to „our obstacles“. IMG-20170424-WA0005 18090696_10210911202268462_1895057654_o 20170422_092332 The rain did not stop dropping the entire event, but fortunately the optimistic mood was present the entire time as well. J The first wave of running people brought us adrenaline into our veins. It was a very nice feeling when the tired contestants (I was at the last big obstacle)started running towards me and every time after my encouragement, they started speeding up and working harder. I personally stood at a small climbing wall and 99% of the people who came to it started their effort with these words “I can´t to this!”. But after my assurance that everyone managed to get through this obstacle, even a 90-kilos lady or 150 kilos man managed to make it. IMG_20170422_100430An exception was granted only to a lady with an orthotics on her hands and a man with crutches. Yes, you are reading correctly; even handicapped people took part in the event. And this is, what is it all about- overcoming your laziness, your handicap,  despite of bad weather you just go for it … you get outside or into the gym and put in it all your effort. I am very grateful that I had the chance to be part of the Urban Challenge with FIT UP! and all the organizers. I am looking forward to the next event. Pauly (Marketing Manager FIT UP! CZ) IMG_20170422_140334