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How to survive Christmas without stress?

The countdown to Christmas has already started, and with it came a stress that is so hard to avoid at this time of the year. Did you know that regular exercise fights stress, and releases endorphines to your body that contribute to the feeling of happiness and a higher self esteem? These hormones of happiness will also suppress depression, and prolong your life of up to 7 years. Some of you might ask: „Where to find time alongside all this rush to go to the gym?“ Don’t forget, that Christmas are all about your inner happiness and satisfaction. And those feelings must come from inside of you. Christmas are inherently linked to various treats and goodies that we consume at our homes, during family meetings, dinners with friends or Christmas parties with our colleagues. However, we should remember to move around, and make a time for a regular exercising even during these hectic times.  And what do you need for that? Mostly a strong will. And staying power, of course. A strong will to start is important, but if you give up easily, you can forget the results. A strong will is important for success and personal growth. It’s not only good for the long term life goals, but also for small, everyday tasks. Because everyday tasks are the ones that will make you stronger over the time, and move you to success. Don’t forget that everything adds up. Every other bite of chocolate, cake or Christmas meat will add up. One chocolate coin alone is OK to eat, but when you eat ten chocolate coins in one go, it’s a different story. You can use this theory the other way around too. If you add up several small positive changes altogether, something wonderful can happen. A good change, for example 🙂 . This way, we develop a lot of good habits that will protect us from returning to our old ways. You need to know what is, and what isn’t, realistic to reach immediately as the most effective habits are built over a period of time. Many top athletes and outstanding sportsmen have their own rituals switching them to autopilot. Create your own simple rituals. Write down what you want to do during the day, even though it should be the same thing every day, and make sure you will do it. Turn on your favorite music that will give you strength, start your day with a healthy breakfast, stop using lifts and take the stairs instead, don’t snack while watching TV…. The possibilities are endless. And remember that every obstacle tests your power to bounce back. Because the success is in going ahead, not in perfection. The author: Anita