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How to lose one kilogram per week without yo-yo effect? Try CROSS UP!

To lose redundant kilograms as easily as possible, keep your weight and be fit. Dream of many of us, but not everyone will do so. FIT UP! offer helping hand to everyone who takes it seriously. Thanks to training with profesionals in our CROSS UP! zone you can reach the goals faster and it can be also fun for you!

Circuit training in our CROSS UP! zone is every day from 18:00 to 20:00. You can enjoy modern active training in all our studios – in Bratislava and Žilina. Since the regular trainings started CROSS UP! zone has found many supporters who come regularly, but also newcomers who want to convince of the effectiveness of this intense but highly motivational exercise.

“Training takes about half an hour, but sometimes you can train also longer. It is suitable for all performance and age groups. While working in a group, which is motivational, everyone can adjust the intensity of its level, “says one of the trainers FIT UP! Viktor Vincze, who is also a lecturer in CROSS UP! zone in our studio in Petržalka.

Activities in CROSS UP! zone include both group exercises and highly individual approach. All trainers give to theirs trainings nice variations which makes every training special. “Each of them has its own approach and can often change the aim of the training. I personally prefer rather Muscular endurance and discipline, but training can also consist of fitness exercises, “says Viktor.

It is no coincidence that circuit training is currently one of the most popular forms of active recreation for many generations. It helps gain condition, reduce stress, and it is also very useful for the weight reduction. “Activities which positively affect the entire parts of body are also included in the training. Practically everyone who try this form of training, add proper diet can achieve the desired goal. I have personally been repeatedly witnessed how easily circuit training changed the overall look of the character after a few weeks, “says Viktor.

Energy expenditure during the exercise in CROSS UP! zone creates a significant prerequisite for fat reduction, but also gains muscle and improves physical condition. Therefore it is not unusual at all that the weight falls very quickly and you can lose up to one kilogram per week without any yoyo effect. Exercising in a group under the supervision of motivating coach is also an excellent relaxation. “We meet frequently with the fact that many people elect circuit training as the ideal form of relaxation as a escape from normal duties. You can momentarily escape into another world and no one in it does not show you the finger. Moreover the atmosphere is friendly, which often leads to discussion on rational diet and lifestyle after exercise, “explains Viktor.

If you haven’t tried training in CROSS UP! zone, we definitely recommend it. FIT UP! offers you all the necessary equipment in CROSS UP! zone and also a multifunctional tower Omnia, which also diversify every exercise.

We recall that VIP members train unlimited under the supervision of the professionals in CROSS UP zone.

“We are pleased that the number of people who like CROSS UP! zone grows. For me it is very interesting the age diversity of groups, where people meet each other. I think that mutual motivation deriving from is very grateful. And I must admit that the training has already created many of friendships, ” adds with a smile Viktor.