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Great idea for a Christmas gift. Give a FIT UP membership!

Thinking of original Christmas gift for your loved ones? Why not to contribute to their physical and mental health and indulge them in active leisure?

FIT UP! prepared a special limited edition Christmas vouchers, which can be bought at the reception of our two offices in Bratislava and you can give someone a great joy on the most beautiful day of the year. You will get your voucher in the fancy gift package and you can choose whether you want to pay regular membership or VIP membership with lots of benefits. The annual membership at FIT UP! which gets a new member as a present, allows him to workout in all our studios including completely free additional service GO UP!

This great offer is available until December 24th. Even on Christmas Day our doors open for you.
If you are interested, you can get more information from our friendly staff at the front desk. Vouchers can be picked up at the front desk after payment in cash.

Christmas can also be FIT UP!