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FIT UP! in the City Gate is open!

Everything went up to a plan and so we are happy to announce that fitness centers FIT UP! are from today two. ( and we are not finished with this number yet 😉 ) ! In addition to Petrzalka, fitness center in Skybox building, is fully available for you from Monday, other modern furnished area in the center of Bratislava.

FIT UP! at City Gate , we arranged the same way how you are used to – the latest Technogym equipment, Ergoline sunbeds and vitamin drinks in Grapivit bar with a wide choice of beverages containing L – Carnitine.

Also in our new studio, you can expect a lovely receptionists and willing trainers, who will be happy to help you with any problem or question. The new studio is open daily from 6:00 to 24:00.

FIT UP! in the City Gate brings the news, after which many of you have called. And as we listen to you very carefully, we are glad to fulfill your wishes – the showers are for all visitors of the new fitness center available for free.

Everyone who comes to our FIT UP! studio at City Gate for the first time, can try our services for free. We offer a monthly membership for unbeatable € 18,99 per month and a VIP membership with a number of advantages for € 29,99.

“We put a lot of effort into our new studio, but the result is worth it. Everything is brand new, but we are enjoying the new place in the city center, where it will be much closer for some of you. I believe that all of you will feel comfortable with us, “said manager of FIT UP! Mario Godor.

Members of Petrzalka’s FIT UP! have addressed us a question, if they will be able to attend the fitness center at City Gate within their membership. “Our strategy is clear, that everyone may attend all FIT UP! branches within one membership. It allows all candidates an activation of additional services, which will be soon introduced, „outlined Mario.