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FIT UP! has the highest quality equipment. And there’s more to come

Many of you have visited FIT UP ! and you gave us the feedback . We are pleased that the vast majority of you like us and appreciate a brand new Technogym equipment.

FIT UP! offers opportunities for professional training at the highest level . “Our goal is to offer much better quality services than the competitors and of course under the most favorable conditions. Even the equipment of FIT UP ! is customized to Slovak users. Technogym equipment that we have available is really excellent and suitable for exercising of all body parts, „said manager of FIT UP ! Mario Godor.

We will continue to improve our fitness equipment. In the coming days we are going to finish the complete furnishing of the CROSS UP! area where you can enjoy your quality circuit training.

You can get an advice from our staff at the front desk, where you can also borrow additional exercise equipment and to buy different exercise and nutritional supplements.

„As for the actual exercise area, after finishing of our CROSS UP! zone, we will continue to add new items.