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Come with your friends and you train for free!

FIT UP! comes from 2nd September with great offer for all new and especially faithful members, who can train for free in our studio. Just bring at least two of your friends and you automatically get monthly membership for free!

We are glad, that our FIT UP! family is still spreading at a very fast pace, but we will be pleased to welcome new members. And why not friends of our current members! If there are some people in your area, who would like to do something for their body, do not hesitate to invite them to FIT UP!, where they can train under the best conditions in the city.

„In the summer we came with an interesting offer for non-members. This time we would like to introduce an intersting event to members, who cansimply save on the membership. Just bring two of your friends, who become our members,“ explains the FIT UP! manager Mário Godor. It works really simply in practice. On our website you will find an online (, where you fill out the personal data of your friends and choose a month during which you want to train for free.

It can be the next month or any other month of the duration of your membership. The main benefit of this offer is, that the more friends you bring the more we will reward you. For instance, if you enroll 24 friends, you will train one year fore free. Interesting is also the oportunity to use this action repeatedly. Unlimited number of your friends can be enrolled within a month. If they become members of FIT UP!, you can demand free monthly membership again.

We believe, we motivate more people in order to bring more friends, who are interested in such an active kind of relaxation and look for a suitable place. The luckiest ones can save some money,but still FIT UP! offers the monthly membership for the lowest price in Bratislava and Žilina,“ claims Mário.

Here you can find the complete conditons