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Become a member of City Gate and until the end of the year is it free for you!

In two weeks, fitness center FIT UP! will open new facility in the center of Bratislava. In relation with that we have prepared an interesting deal which allows new members to use services free of charge until the end of the calendar year.

Anyone who becomes a member or VIP member of FIT UP! in the City Gate till 3rd of November, will be able to attend this facility till 31st of December 2013 for free. “While we open a new branch, you can work out for free at Pajštúnska 7 in Petrzalka, „outlined manager of FIT UP! Mario Godor.

Registration of members of City Gate takes place at the reception in Petržalka fitness center, but also in the city center in front of the City Gate , where FIT UP ! these days will have an information stand.

“As before,the first visit to the fitness center – whether in Petrzalka or SNP Square – is free for all, “said Mario Godor.

Regarding the possibility to visit multiple locations at the same time, FIT UP! also counts with that. The aim is that everyone can attend all FIT UP! branches in Slovakia for monthly fee. So owners of membership tickets, who became members in Petrzalka, will be able to activate a service, which is allowing them an access to the fitness center in the City Gate and vice versa.

Fitness center FIT UP! in the center of Bratislava will be opened on Monday 4th of November. It is situated in an attractive, newly furnished rooms at the City Gate. Even in our new branch, your comfort will be increased with the integrated fingerprint system. New FIT UP! will also have a wheelchair access and an easy access by public transportation.