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Beach body in 90 days!

Summer is approaching and very soon you will be surrounded with magazines and websites full of “healthy and fast-working” diets and advices on how to lose weight for bikini season in two weeks … But you know perfectly well what will happen: harsh asceticism, hunger, and eventually you will work hard to control yourself not to eat your neighbour’s cat. Then you stand on your scale and realize that the expected miracle is a lot smaller than you wanted or just temporary … And next year this all will start again with the same result… Let´s do it differently this year! Get in shape with us gradually and permanently! After 90 days, you will not only look great during this summer, but also in winter, spring … 🙂 In 90 days under the supervision of our trainer, you can start your healthy lifestyle, or move it to a whole new level. Moreover, you have a chance to win half-year membership in FIT UP! We will show you what are you really made off and what you can accomplish when you really go for it! Our trainer will be your support, your friend, mentor or tormentor-everything depends only on your attitude. 😉

So what is our FIT UP! Challenge?

Our FIT UP! Challenge will take place on 19th April-19th July 2017. 3 candidates will be selected for each of our gyms (in the Czech Republic and also in the Slovak Republic)and will undergo their dream transformation under the guidance of our trainer. Our participants will train three times a week -Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 1.5 hours (days and times can be customized upon mutual agreement between the contestants and their coach) under the leadership of our trainers. The most successful candidate in each studio, will win half-year membership in FIT UP!.

How to apply?

Application process starts now! Also a non-member can join our FIT UP! Challenge but he/she has to become our member before the beginning of our challenge (19th April 2017). If you really want to go for it, send an email to (depends on in which country you wish to participate) with recent photo of your body and description of the reasons why we should choose you. The application process ends on 12th April 2017! Don´t forget to add in your e-mail this sentence :”I agree to the publication of my personal data on the web and social networks” (publication of my full name, measurement results and photos on website and social networks Facebook and Instagram). Send us also your specific time possibilities (for example Mon: 8-12, Wed: all day, Thu: 6-14) and in which of our gyms you would like to undergo our FIT UP! Challenge (Trnava, Bratislava-Staré mesto, Bratislava-Petržalka, Bratislava-Ružinov, Praha, Ostrava) and wait for the result! We will notify you via e-mail between 12th April 2017- 18th April 2017. We have one special request – apply only if you really have time to train during these months. Think about applicants who would gladly enjoy each of your missed trainings but didn’t get a chance because we chose you. The first training will be held on Wednesday 19th April 2017. It will be the first introductory training, where the contestants will meet their trainer. So do you want to finally look great in your swimsuit? And not only in a swimsuit but also later on in an autumn dress or in warm-up suit on a ski slope? 😀 So go for it! Properly -with us! FIT UP! Together we are winners!