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Banana pancakes without a flour

Have you heard about delicious banana pancakes that are heavenly good even though there is no flour or sugar involved? No? Read on! Ingredients for 1 portion:
  • 1 bigger banana
  • 1 bigger egg
  • Coconut/olive oil
  • Fruit pieces (pineapple, strawberries, blueberries..)
  • Chocolate with a high level of cocoa (80% and more)
Method: In a bowl, squash banana into a paste. Add egg and mix together. In a pan, heat a coconut/olive oil (you will need more than with normal pancakes). Pour the pancake mix onto a pan and shape small pancakes (2.5 tsp for 1 pancake). Fry pancakes from both sides. When done, decorate with pieces of fruit and pieces of dark chocolate. Bon apetit!