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6 reasons to go to the gym

There are plenty of superstitions and stereotypes around gyms and many people have their own “good  reasons” why not visit one. But today, we offer you reasons to try the gyms out! Warning: Based on real life events! : D
  1. You will improve your confidence
No need to mention, that you will definitely increase your self-esteem after you start working out and your figure improves. However, when you come to a gym, one important event will occur- you will finally fully understand that you are not the only one who is not perfect … You will meet people with all kinds of body types (chubby, fat, thin, too skinny), people with different stamina  or maybe without it. If you are a beginner, who is usually surrounded by athletes, you will finally stop feeling like a “complete failure”.
  1. You will make new friends
vsichni 1 There are many people, who think that gyms are dominated by muscled guys with ho brains, but luckily this is not truth. More and more people realize the importance of healthy life style. Therefore you can meet here all kinds of people: young athletes, retired people, people recovering from an accident or mothers after their delivery.
  1. You will learn something new and improve your technique
A lot of beginners, especially women, when they come to a gym are uncertain how they should  exercise and therefore they don’t do anything else but run on the treadmills. But when you walk through a gym, you will learn that there are plenty of options. There are even drawings and instructions on most of the machines explaining what do you practice and how it should be done correctly. Very nice and enjoyable is also the fact that there are so many visitors in the gym who are happy to correct you and help you if your technique is wrong. You can also start your new healthy lifestyle with a trainer who will be happy to provide his expert advice.
  1. The weather won’t be a problem anymore
pexels-photo (1) I believe that this advantage is quite obvious. 😀  If you are not used to doing sports outdoors in extreme conditions – very low temperature or hot weather- a gym can provide for you ideal training conditions throughout the entire year.
  1. Your motivation will be higher
I believe that once you start paying for your membership in a gym, you will also convince yourself to go there more often. 😀  Moreover, sooner or later you will meet there new friends who will be counting on you and waiting for you to show up. Also, you will wake up your competitiveness. You will get many chances to compare yourself with other people in the gym. You will notice how much fat the others are losing, how much muscle they gained already or how much they can lift. And you will want to catch up. Moreover, it is never a bad idea to have people around you who have also decided to do sports and do something for their health. You can support each other to maintain training and eating healthy even if you do not feel like it. 🙂
  1. You will let go of your problems and release your stress
box-sport-men-training-163403 This advantage applies more or less to sports in general. Are you angry with your boss, your colleague, your unpaid bills, or because of a broken car? So many of us would deal with this frustration by trying to drink away their problems… And what would it be good for? You would just wake up with a hangover, empty wallet, and in a few weeks even with a huge belly and ass. But if you rather decide to go to the gym instead, you will manage to let go of your problems. Your brain will be occupied by concentrating on the right training technique, your regular breath.  Believe me, if you  give your head some rest from all your problems , you will find a solution way easier later on. And surely a lot sooner than you would do with a hangover. Also, we should not forget to mention the endorphins that come up with the first drops of sweat. You will feel how the happiness is filling your body instead of the stress and that is what everybody needs sometimes! 🙂 It´s up to you now, go get them! FIT UP! 🙂