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20% discount on drinks at Fruitisimo in Ostrava! :D

We care about our members; therefore we have prepared for you once again something special! All of our members have now a 20% discount at Fruitisimo in Ostrava. And what kind of delicates can you enjoy? Discount applies to 0.5 l drinks: IMUNITY, DETOX, ME2D, ROZ-CVIČKA and also seasonal drinks. pexels-photo-109341 Fruit contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for our health. Studies have shown that if you incorporate fruit into your diet, you can reduce the possibility of a heart attack by 30%. Fruits also contain a high proportion of fibber that helps to prevent different types of cancer and diabetes type 2. So do not hesitate and enjoy healthy refreshment already today! 😀 fruit-food-healthy-fresh-53130