FIT UP! is a fitness centre which everyone can afford. We offer you an unbeatable balance between price and the quality as well as an opportunity to do your best. Individual trainings or workouts under the supervision of a trainer, group exercises, cardio or power training, for beginners and the more experienced, for younger, older or the disabled – everyone can train in our fitness centres. We have prepared our concept so that we meet the needs of FIT UP! members as best as we can. Their achievements and exceeded limits clearly confirm that we have managed to achieve this.

We live in a fitness world where motivation and determination write everyday reality. For an unrivalled 17,90 monthly, we are bringing you the possibility to achieve your desired goal, whether it is to look better or to feel healthier and become fit.

Currently we have five studios in Slovakia – three in Bratislava (Petržalka, Staré mesto, Ružinov), one in Žilina and one in Trnava, and two studios in the Czech Republic – one in Prague in the Černý Most Centre and one in Ostrava – Zábřeh.


Fitness is our mission and our lifestyle at the same time. We want to create a place where our members will feel good and like in a family. We want to do our best to support them in reaching their personal goals. We definitely bid farewell to excuses such as “I can´t/I have no time to go to a fitness centre because…”.

FIT UP! is a fitness centre for all those who dream about changing or who want to keep fit from early morning until midnight (we are open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day – 365 days a year). Our studios are suitable also for efficient recovery.

Fair conditions, high-quality equipment, a comfortable environment and helpful staff will motivate our members to achieve their goals. FIT UP! prides itself on top-level services and advantages for its members.



Everyone will find what they need. The fitness area in every FIT UP! studio is functionally divided into Cardio, Weightlifting and Power zones. There is also a separate Ladies zone with equipment developed especially for ladies. The CROSSUP! zone is for those who like exercising with their own weight. You may train here also in a group under the supervision of a professional trainer.

If you happen to be thirsty during your workout, you´ll be saved by our well-tried Grapivit bar with sport drinks of a premium quality which combine vitamins, L-carnitine and a low calorie content. Top-level Ergoline turbo tanning studios, guaranteeing healthy and prudent sunbathing, are a part of our inventory.

We always keep pace with the times and continuously try to improve; this is the reason why all our equipment is of the best quality – made by Technogym – while we complement the equipment of individual fitness centres as necessary.

FIT UP! also features top-level multifunctional Omnia equipment where you may easily do both all-round and circuit trainings. We have introduced this modern tower as the first fitness centre in Czech republic and in Slovakia.

It is natural that showers are free of charge in all FIT UP! studios. Our qualified trainers are always at your disposal and ready to help you and advise you. Don´t doubt about their individual approach.

FIT UP! offers you much more – come see it with your own eyes!

And one more thing…

In all FIT UP! studios you may count on our qualified trainers who are always ready to help you and advise you. Don´t doubt about their individual approach.

FIT UP! fitness centres offer you much more – you won´t know unless you come see them with your own eyes.


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