Peter Straňák
Achieved expert education: Personal bodybuilding and fitness trainer, level II. Trainer´s specialization: Bodyweight and fat reduction, gaining high-quality muscle mass and strength... general body shaping and strengthening He is a nutrition expert who emphasizes automated reduction of body fat while maintaining or boosting the healthy functioning of the metabolism, keeping or gaining muscle mass based on the IIFYM system. He is an initiator of and expert in flexible diet plans prepared based on his clients´ metabolism and goals. Consultancy on the supplementation programme of sports and food supplements, Natural Nutrition partner. Extensive experience with personal/online preparation of men and women for fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Sports achievements: SAKFST athlete …3rd place in the Men´s Physique category, first Slovak appearance in the Mozolani Fitness Cup 2014, autumn and spring competitions Trainer´s references: active in the area of fitness for 15 years, trainer for 7 years
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mobile: 0903 818 629
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