Pavol Pľuchta
He studied biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences so he knows all about the human body, from physiology through biochemistry to anatomy. However, he became interested in fitness and bodybuilding, which he has been practising intensively for 16 years. Pavol has fitness bodybuilding and powerlifting licenses, levels I, II and III. He has been a personal trainer for 6 years and he specializes mainly in trainings aimed at reducing weight, gaining muscle mass, body shaping, eliminating back pain and strengthening the deep stabilization system (CORE). However, Pavol is not a fan of isolated exercises with equipment only so he also uses functional training. It consists of exercises which are directly connected to activities and movements made in everyday life. He uses different balance or exercise aids in such training. In addition, he provides consultancy in the area of nutrition and food supplements and prepares diet plans or training plans according to his clients´ possibilities.
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