Marek Granát
Former representative and a multiple Slovak karate champion, personal trainer with international experience in the area of sports preparation of top sportsmen, development of physical fitness and the functionality of one´s own body. He is a university graduate, specializing in the creation of exercise programmes in sports and movement recreation. His qualifications include the basics of fighting techniques (teaching hits, kicks and other fighting skills) and lifestyle modification. He may also teach you Crossbox, a high-frequency form of dynamic full-body training, combining cardio elements (active physical activity) with a simple and functional instruction of fighting techniques. In addition to an efficient workout, the main goal of Crossbox is also to lose fat , shape your body and, last but not least, boost your self-confidence in unpleasant or dangerous situations. It is systematically designed so that it is easy to perform and it focuses on major progress in building both physical and mental strength.
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