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Linda Otrubová

Linda is the holder of the 1st and 2nd grade fitness and bodybuilding certification. She has several certified licenses such as Bosu Core, Bosu map 1,2,3 and how to use Bosu in fitness. She also has a license for training of seniors, obese people and the SM System – Spiral Stabilization of the Spine. For six years she competed for bikini fitness. Her accomplishments are 1st place in Fitness models competition from2010, 5th place from 2012 and 6th place from 2013 in Bikiny Fitnes Slovensko. In fitness she has 14 years of experience. She specializes in weight reduction, body shaping, muscle mass training, cross-country skiing, fitness and interval training, balancing training as well as weight training. She knows how to help with preparation and training for bikini fitness competitions. Linda will also prepare tailor-made meal plans and advise you on diet and supplementation. Her motto is, “Never give up, because that’s the simplest thing!
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