Functional exercise

Functional exercise is an exercise which reflects the individual needs of people. The movement is in all three dimensions within space (front and back, sideways, up and down).The emphasis is on everyday-life activities and movements natural for the human body. We monitor health, development and fitness, we focus no breathing, body posture and movement habits, i.e. movement stability and coordination.

Obviously, there are various modifications where the periods of work and rest change, and various combinations of exercises. Exercises using own weight are accompanied by equipment. Besides which, we focus on the whole body, upper body, core as well as lower body.

Advantages and goals

All-round focus – inclusion of all muscle groups
Performance improvement
Improvement of strength, stamina, speed and coordination
Significant weight loss and efficient fat burning
Flexibility improvement


Equipment used for functional exercise


A metal ball providing a uniform load for the whole body to improve strength, coordination and the cardiovascular system. The basic exercises include swing, squat, snatch, twist, lunge…

Exercise ball

Multifunctional equipment for balance and coordination exercises. It can be used to exercise the abdomen, legs, gluteal muscles or for stretching. There are various sizes of exercise balls available at FIT UP! Studios.


A box used for jumping, stepping, jumping over, leaning against, etc.


Balancing equipment which improves body coordination, also used as rehabilitation equipment.


A suspension system which improves strength through functional movements and dynamic positions. One great advantage of TRX is that it can be used literally anywhere.

Other equipment

slam ball, resistance band, ladder, exercise rope, horizontal bar, obstacle, skipping rope, expander, rope, etc.


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