Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can become our member once you are 15 years and older. If you are under 18, your legal representative must come with you to one of our studios and must sign a contract in person. In this case, it’s necessary that you book your first training with a personal trainer who will show you how to properly use all the machines in the gym. We have chosen this approach because we care about the health and safety of our members. You will find a contact on our trainers on our website in section studios.

You can choose our annual membership paid monthly, annual membership paid in advance, 6 month membership paid in advance and 1 month membership paid in advance. Afterwards, you can choose FITNESS or VIP membership option.

Fitness membership includes:
• Unlimited use of fitness center between 6:00 am and 24:00
• Unlimited drinks in our Grapivit bar
• Unlimited turbo solariums (maximum of 13 minutes a day)
• Group exercises with a trainer in CROSS UP! zone every day from 6:00 pm to 8:00pm
• GO UP! , a service allowing access to all FIT UP! studios in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Price list for all the membership options can be found at .

It depends on a membership you choose. Our annual membership paid monthly is signed for an indefinite period of time but at least for one year. This membership will not end after the year, but will continue. An application for membership termination with a 2 month notice period is required to terminate it. Our annual membership paid in advance expires automatically after 12 months. This is also the case for 6 month membership, which expires automatically after 6 months. Our 1 month membership expires automatically after 30 days.
In exceptional cases (for example health related), we can freeze your membership for a period you need. Please deliver your request personally to your studio. At the reception desk you need to sign a declaration acknowledging the suspension of membership and give it to our receptionist (if you can’t come in person for health reasons, contact a manager of a particular studio. Contact can be found on our website). You must also provide evidence of a health problem (a medical report from a specialist, not a general practitioner) or another fact confirming that you cannot attend fitness center for the given period of time. We can only accept the interruption if the reason is adequately documented and all your payments until then are cleared out.

Membership cancellation must be done in person at the fitness center reception or by mail to the address of the company (Uppsala s.r.o., Tamaškovičova 17, 917 01 Trnava). If you want to do it in person, it must be done at our fitness studio. You must do so no later than 2 months before the end date of the first year of membership. If you don’t submit a request to end your membership, it will be automatically extended for another 6 months). Your membership cancellation should include your personal details, date and handwritten signature. Without these, we cannot accept your request.

If you want to cancel your contract earlier, due to a specific problem, the request to end the membership must be delivered in the same way. In the case of a change of residence or for a medical reasons, we are able to end your contract by mutual agreement. It is important that you provide proof of a change of residence (lease, employment contract, study document), proof of a health problem (a medical report from a NIE specialist), or another fact that you cannot attend our fitness center. Please email this to your particular studio (,,,,,, cerny.most @ If the reason for ending your membership is change of address, your request will be accepted only if there is no other FIT UP! studio in your new home region. In this case, we will change your home studio free of charge for your nearest one.

If you have our annual membership paid monthly and would like to change your Fitness to VIP, you need to fill in a new contract for our VIP membership. You can use VIP services after signing a contract (still for a Fitness membership fee). VIP membership fees will only begin to apply from the following month, so you need to change the standing order to that amount. Your new membership is valid from this month.

If you have our annual membership paid in advance or our 6 month membership paid in advance and you want to switch to our VIP membership, you need to pay the difference between Fitness and VIP membership for the remaining period at the reception of your studio. One month Fitness membership cannot be changed to VIP membership. You will have to wait for it to end and then sign for a new VIP membership.

If you want to swap from VIP to Fitness membership, it is necessary to end the membership in the standard way. Wait for the standard end of the contract with a two month notice period. Once your VIP membership ends, you can sign a new contract for your chosen Fitness membership.

It is not possible to transfer our membership from you to other person. All our memberships are set up for a certain name and it’s not possible for other person to use this membership.

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