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Best Buy Award for the best fitness center goes to FIT UP!

FIT UP! is the best fitness center according to the prestigious survey!

Your best friend – The EGG!

Think twice before excluding egg yolk from your life!

20% discount on drinks at Fruitisimo in Ostrava! :D

All of our members have now a 20% discount at Fruitisimo in Ostrava.

Let us introduce you the winner of Prague Challenge “Beach body in 90 days”

Once again ,3 months pasted by very fast and the end of another FIT UP! challenge is here. But the results were shocking this time!

Our studio in Ostrava is open! It offers all it’s members 2 summer months absolutely free!

We are growing. New studio in Ostrava is officially opened!

6 reasons to go to the gym

There are plenty of superstitions and stereotypes around gyms and many people have their own “good reasons” why not visit one. But today, we offer you reasons to try the gyms out! Warning: Based on real life events! : D

How to fall in love with your training

Beginnings are sometimes difficult and many people give up their effort before they have even started. But you don´t need much to make all your dreams come true. Maybe just a little bit of dedication and common sense. 🙂
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