6 reasons to go to the gym

There are plenty of superstitions and stereotypes around gyms and many people have their own “good reasons” why not visit one. But today, we offer you reasons to try the gyms out! Warning: Based on real life events! : D

How to fall in love with your training

Beginnings are sometimes difficult and many people give up their effort before they have even started. But you don´t need much to make all your dreams come true. Maybe just a little bit of dedication and common sense. 🙂

Are 30 days enough?

What can you amount if you are truly committed?Lucka will tell you the story of her transformation. 🙂 “I am one of those people who never wait for a miracle. To my own surprise, my body managed to change quite a lot during those 30 days …”

Facts about losing weight, which you need to know! ;)

How to start exercising, when one has zero stamina? Which exercises are the best for the hips? What to eat for dinner? If you would like to know the answers to these questions and even more, read further! 🙂

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