Your best friend – The EGG!

Think twice before excluding egg yolk from your life!

20% discount on drinks at Fruitisimo in Ostrava! :D

All of our members have now a 20% discount at Fruitisimo in Ostrava.

Chia pudding – healthy breakfast, desert or snack

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy breakfast, dessert or a snack? Look no further! 🙂

Fitness chicken/tofu satay

Summer is coming and our desire to discover and taste “the exotic” is growing as well. Try this delicious meal and you will have the taste of the exotic straight away on your plate and you will make something benefitial for your dream body! 🙂

Spring detox

The spring fever is the natural reaction of our body to shortcomings during winter season. Therefore we should provide our body with proper nourishment during the early spring. And how can we do that?

Are you too much of a ” free radical“?

What is a “free radical” and what kind of “mischief” can it cause in your body?

Dumplings with blueberry chia sauce

Delicious cheesecake-semolina dumplings topped with blueberry chia sauce and decorated with mint leaves, are ideal for people who have sweet tooth.
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