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How to survive Christmas without stress?

Did you know that regular exercise fights stress, and releases endorphines to your body…

How to increase your energy levels

Drink your coffee throughout the day in small sips. If you need a quadruple dose of energy, just one espresso …

It´s worth being a student

Sometimes it´s annoying to be a student. Morning wake-up, exercises, homework and exams are so exhausting that you have no power left to do something for yourself? You don´t want to be bound in one town because you live in a different one?

We are launching the FIT UP! challenge again

You didn´t care in summer? It´s time to find some time for yourself and start working on your health. We are bringing you an offer which you won´t …

What is protein good for? Should I buy it?

Currently, protein is a frequently discussed topic, mainly when speaking about the fitness industry and weight loss. People often buy it …

Vege Bolognese

Every athlete realizes the importance of proteins for their body and therefore, we have prepared for you a recipe that …

Wraps without regrets

Do you like wraps in all kinds of variations but at the same time you are worried about their impact on your body and health? Many people prepare wraps from wheat tortillas, which is not quite ideal choice, if you are trying to watch your weight.
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