Fitness chicken/tofu satay

Summer is coming and our desire to discover and taste “the exotic” is growing as well. Try this delicious meal and you will have the taste of the exotic straight away on your plate and you will make something benefitial for your dream body! 🙂

Challenge “YOURSELF”

You didn´t make it to the final list of candidates of our Summer Challenge „Beach body in 90 days“? Do not worry! We have prepared a unique new opportunity just for you.

„Cheering“during Urban Challenge a.k.a FIT UP! takes part in every big challenge!

5 km long track, 25 obstacles and weather as the 26th „always present“ obstacle- this is a very brief definition of Prague Urban Challenge 2017.

Our FIT UP! Challenge “ Beach body in 90 days“ has started

Summer is approaching and most of us welcome this fact with look in the mirror full of horror and fear…but FIT UP! Challenge is here again. Who has joined our competition in Prague this time?

Are 30 days enough?

What can you amount if you are truly committed?Lucka will tell you the story of her transformation. 🙂 “I am one of those people who never wait for a miracle. To my own surprise, my body managed to change quite a lot during those 30 days …”

Facts about losing weight, which you need to know! ;)

How to start exercising, when one has zero stamina? Which exercises are the best for the hips? What to eat for dinner? If you would like to know the answers to these questions and even more, read further! 🙂

Spring detox

The spring fever is the natural reaction of our body to shortcomings during winter season. Therefore we should provide our body with proper nourishment during the early spring. And how can we do that?
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